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There are 2 Billion reasons to use Facebook Advertising

We don’t care what you’ve heard…Facebook ain’t going anywhere. It is still THE most used social media platform in the world! 22% of the Earth’s population use it…that’s 2,000,000,000 people. That’s not a typo…9 zeros!

Why Facebook Marketing makes sense…

You choose your audience

You can choose who gets to see your ad based on demographics, household income, spending habits, interests, or even right down to their address.

That’s ​Powerful!

You can know what Facebook knows...

Using your browser history, Facebook gathers data like your age, gender, phone usage, where you shop, etc. If you’ve signed up for any ‘loyalty programs’, Facebook gathers that info too.

It makes Cents...

Google Adwords is a powerful way to put your product in front of your audience, but Facebook can be much less expensive and reach a lot more people.

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