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The year was 1998…

Acid washed jeans were cool, hair was big,  “Dawson’s Creek” debuted (which is why acid wash and big hair were cool), Posh Spice got engaged to David Beckham, and gas only cost around $1.15/gallon. 

Isn’t it odd how things you think will never go out of style, do? Back then you could do all sorts of things that aren’t cool anymore (Dawson’s Creek is the obvious exception…obviously).

There’s a point to this and here it is: You’ve probably heard the term SEO before and maybe you’ve even worked with someone who has “handled” your SEO. Probably several someones. Want to know why you’re never satisfied? It’s because something else happened in 1998: Google was founded. And every person with a website started trying all sorts of tricks to get their site to rank quickly and easily. And here’s the thing: it worked…for awhile. But even 2 years later Google started catching on to some of the obvious SEO “fads”. One year after that, Google’s update, “Cassandra” really started changing the game by making it harder to rank if you stuck with the same old SEO techniques.

Bottom line?
You weren’t satisfied with your last SEO because they’re doing things that worked in 1998.
It’s not 1998 anymore. 
​Quick and easy might be nice when you’re trying to make dinner, but you’ll never have the staying power you want with Google unless you do SEO the right way.

We Craft Elegant Solutions with Powerful Technology

Every SEO telemarketer that has called you is promising the same thing…”#1 listing on Google”, right? Here’s something to remember: #1 listing is just a part of the SEO goal for your business. SEO involves so much more. It’s making sure that each and every image on your site has been optimized. It’s making sure the titles of each page are accurate and enhanced for search engines. It’s getting high quality, organic links that will boost your ranking. It’s dozens and dozens of technical cogs that need to be put in place so that your site is working like a well oiled machine for you and making you money.

Our Customers come first!

Which is why we guarantee our services. We want to help each of our clients totally dominate the local searches for as may search terms as their heart desires.

Talk Is Cheap

Take a look at how we’ve helped a few of our clients receive leads, grow their traffic, and dominate their local markets.

Lead Production

Here’s a screen shot of the leads we produced for one of our Pest Control clients out of Vegas. And this is just a shot of the leads we produced that actually set up appointments. What would you do with an extra 15 paying customers in the next 2 weeks? How would that change your business? What would that do for your family or personal life?

Business Traffic

This is a screen shot of a client we took from Internet obscurity to growing traffic. This is after only 30 days of using our services. We provide results not just empty promises. If we can’t produce for your business, we won’t give you the run around.

Consistent Growth

In Real Estate, the key to success is location, location, location.

​The SEO equivalent would be, “traffic, traffic, traffic.”

For this client, you can see that the growth in traffic they received wasn’t just a one and done. Their growth is consistent from month to month.

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